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Frank R. Perry, a Los Angeles automobile engineer, created this engine and the company to sell it.

Little is known of Perry, but a Perry engine does survive.

Perhaps this modest collection of Perry material will contribute someday to a more complete history.

Perrymobile Company Advertising Brochure, ca: 1942.

Frank R Perry created the Perrymobile Company to market his automobile engine and its vapor and air pressure system.

Perrymobile Bookler Septemb er 1945, R. V. Pearce

R. V. Pearce of Gleandale, CA published this 1945 booklet about the Perrymobile. It is described as BOOK ONE and may be part of a series.

Perry Brauer Motor Company, 1945, Los Angeles, CA

The Perry-Brauer Motor Company of Los Angeles, CA produced this brochure with a mail-in coupon to promote the Perrymobile.

Perrymobile Popular Mechanics Article, February 1945

The February 1945 issue ofPopular Mechanics carried this article on the Perrymobile.

Perry Brauer Motor Company Drawings

The Perry-Brauer Motor Company produced these drawings in 1945. These are copies. The location of the original drawings is unknown.

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