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The first car produced by the Century company was a light steamer powered by a 4 hp2-cylinder vertical engine. Final drive was by bevel gear instead of the more usual single chain. This model was made until 1903, when it was succeeded by the gasoline-engined Century Tourist. This was also a tiller-steered two-passenger car, but had a single-cylinder engine and chain drive.[1]

Century Motor Vehicle Company, 1902 McClure's Magazine Advertisement

McClure's Magazine carried this advertisement sometime in 1902.

Century Motor Vehicle Company, August 16, 1902 Magazine Advertisement

This August 16, 1902 advertisement appeared in an unidentified magazine.

Century Motor Vehicle Company, 1902,  Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal, Clymer p. 44

Floyd Clymer printed this advertisement from Cycle and Automobile Trade Journal.

Century Motor Venicle Company, Syracuse, NY, January 3,  1903 The Automobile Advertisement, Conde Collection

On January 3, 1903, the Century Motor Vehicle Company placed this advertisement in The Automobile. Other steam car advertisers were the Mason Regulator Company, the Mobile Company of America, the Rochester Steam Motor Works, the Stearns Steam Carriage Company, and the Johns-Manville Company (asbestos for boilers). John A. Conde Collection Photocopy.

[1]Georgano, G. N., Encyclopedia of American Automobile, (New York, E. P. Dutton & Co., 1968), p. 38.

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