Advertising 1908

Models F, G, & H

This White advertising postcard was mailed from the Boston office to Jamaica Plain, a suburb of Boston on January 22, 1908.

This postcard was mailed on August 4, 1980 by someone associated with George. J. Donahue, the White agent in Brockton, Mass.

This postcard is postmarked August 5, 1908 and probably shows the 1909 model White Steamer. It is a company postcard, note the name and address on the address side of the card.

White Steamer Advertisement, The World's Work, April 1908, no page number.

This full page advertisement appeared in Travel Magazine sometime in mid 1908. Page and month unknown.

This full page advertisement appeared sometime in or after 1906, but probably not after 1908.  There is no information on where it was published or specifically when. Page 2.

White Steamer Advertisement, Sunset magazine, 1908, no month or page number.

The Literary Digest, 1908, no month or page number.

The World's Work, August 1908, no page number.

The White Company published an advertising piece entitled The White Bulletin.

The White Company manufactured and sold a line of ambulances and delivery trucks. Here is an advertising postcard for the Roberts White Steamer Ambulance Service in Chicago. he divided back of the postcard dates it after 1907.

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