Advertising 1907

Models F, G, H

1907 White Advance Circular.

White Steamer Advertisement, Cycle & Automobile Trade Journal, January 1, 1907,  p. 109.

White Steamer Advertisement, The Automobile, January 17, 1907, p. 104.

The note on the reverse of this picture reds From Bob McMulkin. This photo came from the Floyd Clymer collection. Anyone know who Bob McMulkin is?

This 1907 advertisement appeared in The Motor World on page 628. The month is not known.

White Steamer Advertisement, The World's Work magazine, 1907, page unknown.

White Steamer Advertisement, Harper's Weekly, 1907,  p. 856.

This World's Work magazine advertisement appeared in 1907, but the month and page number were lost when the magazine was cannibalized for advertisements such as this.

White Steamer Advertisement, The World's Work magazine, May 1907, unknown page.

This is apparently half of a two page advertisement that appeared in The Automobile on August 22, 1907. This page is 113, page 112 probably showed an automobile.

Leslie's Weekly, December 12, 1907, p. 588.

This photograph appeared in an unidentified magazine. The reverse includes statistics on 1926, suggesting the magazine is 1927, hence the photo would be 1907.

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