Steam Vehicle Corporation of America

The Steam Vehicle Corporation of America was the final iteration of the Stanley automobile.  Following the ban Model 750 Model SV 252A & 252G

The Stem Vehicle Corporation of American mailed this brochure to Arlington, Vermont probably sometime in early 1925. Note the pre-cancelled stamp, suggesting a large mailing. It contains seven pages of text and illustrations for the new Model SV 252, Sedan and Touring Car.  The SVCA must have mailed thousands of these brochures, as some six or eight are know to have survived. The Steam Automobile Club of America (SACA) reprinted this brochure.  You can buy a copy from their web site.

Here is another copy of the Steam Vehicle Corporation brochure. This copy is hand addressed.  Sadly, someone has removed the stamp, but the lack of a cancellation mark suggests that it may have carried a pre-cancelled stamp.

This reproduction of the December 17, 1929 sale of Stanley Steamer, Inc. in Chicago is instructive for what it includes. There are 250 Jaxon rims. The 1925 Model SV 252G came with Jaxon rims. These rims were probably left over from the 1925 and 1926 efforts in Newton, MA and Allentown, PA.

There are also 23 diameter burners. If these are left over from the Newton and Allentown efforts, it suggests that the earlier 20 boiler and burner had been discarded in favor of larger units.

There is a 1926 Model 262 Touring Car, but no serial number! There is also a Chassis for a Model 770 as well as a Steam Bus Chassis.

If you want a copy of this auction announcement, visit the SACA Site and buy one!