Roymer Steam Coach

Roymer Steam Coach, Chicago, IL

This is a photograph of the "Roymer Steam Coach Test Car."

One might quibble with the term "car" as the vehicle looks more like a bus or truck chassis.

There is no information on the back of the photo to identify the seven men sitting in the "car."

Some in overalls appear to be mechanics or workmen while the gentleman in the back seat wearing a suit may be the owner or an investor.

There is a sign on the building that reads "Illinois Motor Express" and the container at the far right has the name FLASD ???

Surrounding the "Y" logo one can read "The Belt Railway of Chicago."

The undated photo seems to suggest the mid to late 1920s.

The throttle lever under the steering wheel is very clearly a late Stanley lever, identical to the lever on a 1925 SV.

There are a series of valves at the lower left of the driver's seat and a fuel tank under the left side.

The hood latches appear to be identical to those used on 740 and 750 Stanley sedans in 1923 and 1924.

The overflow pipe coming from the water tank is clearly visible and would seem to have come from a Model 750 Stanley.