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Pearson-Cox Limited manufactured steam cars in Shortlands, Kent about 1910 - 1913.

Pearson & Cox Steam Car, Shortlands, Kent, England, 1910 Photograph Front

This image was found by an English eBay seller at a boot sale about 2004, but had no other information.

Pearson & Cox Steam Car, Shortlands, Kent, England, 1910 Photograph, Reverse Maybe Pearson-Cos Steam Car,

The image above may or may not be a steam car or related to Pearson-Cox. It was acquired by the English eBay dealer along with the Pearson-Cox image above about 2004. There was a third image in this group that went to a another eBay buyer.

Pearson-Cox Steam Car Magazine Advertisement, March 22, 1912, The Autocar, Page 29A.

This magazine advertisement for the Pearson-Cox 15 hp steam car appeared on Page 28a of The Autocar on March 22, 1913.

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