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Ed Gibbs father, _____ Gibbs, acquired a lot of SACA material from Bob Lyon's estate. He had, among other thigns, all the original steam car trade literature from which Bob Lyon created the reproductions still being sold by SACA today. When ___ Gibbs died, some family members did not realize the importance of the files and many were discatded before Ed Gibbs came to the rescue of what little remained. I met Ed Gibbs at Hershey in 2012 and in August 2013 visited with him in North Carolina. I bought a lot of things. On two other occasions I bought things. Wife made great lunch. Great friend.

Moral of the story, tell your relatives what you have and why it is important. Alternatively, if no one is interested, donate it to a museum or somehow pass it on to someone who does understand and appreciate it.

Automobile Company of America, Conde Collection, Automobile and Motor Review, July 19, 1902. Conde Collection.

By July 19, 1902 The Automobile Company of America had increased the size and greatly altered the design of its "Gasmobiles." This advertisement appeared in Autombile and Motor Review. John A. Conde Collection.

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