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Alonzo T. Cross (Cross Writing Instrument Company) built the Cross Steam Carriage, the first automobile made in Rhode Island. He started in 1896 and finished in 1897. The various parts werr farmed out to local Providence suppliers although the chassis was constructed in the Cross Pencil Factory.

A local carriage buider, H. M. Howe Company, created the body and L. F. N. Baldwin (Cruickshank Engine Works) made two engines for the car, a four HP and a six HP version.[1]

Cross Steam Carriage 1897, Unknown Pamphlet

The 1897 Cross Steam Wagon is mentioned in this automobile industry publication, which is now lost somewhere in the Virtual Steam Car Museum archive. When it resurfaces, the author will update.

The National Automtive History Collection at the Detroit Public Library has an image of the Cross Steam Carriage. When it arrives, the author will update.

[1]Kimes, Beverly & Clark, Henry Austin Jr., Standard Catalogue of American Cars 1805 - 1942, 3rd Edition, (Iola, WI, Krause Publications, 1996), p. 393.

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